Ivan was born in 1977 in the city of Barcelona. Since a young age, he has demonstrated a passion to put into form the images and the ideas that have come into his mind, a creative instinct which he has always held and which forms the basis of what came to be his greatest passion.
Everything changed for Ivan the first day that he held a reflex camera....the way he saw the things in life that surrounded him began to take form. By means of photography, he had at last found his way of being able to capture and express the ideas that that he had held in his mind. He had found his greatest passion.

"Everything was so clear to me that, the next day after trying out the reflex camera, I went to a shop to buy a professional camera. I was sure of what I was looking for, and also of what I wasn't looking for in my purchase, including within the professional range of models"

Since the very moment when he first held his camera, Ivan has not stopped creating photography and generating stories within each photograph. "For me, it´s essential that each photograph radiates life and emotion. Athough I opted for fashion photography, that doesn´t mean that it is inanimate, I don´t see the model as a product but rather as a real person with feelings (one should not forget that!), therefore never forgetting that it is invaluable to be able to meet and talk with the model prior to the shoot, in order that a bond is formed that breaks down the barrier that the camera creates between two people, photographer and model, who communicate with each other in order to create a moment of real emotion. It is in precisely in that moment when I capture the photo"

"It inspires me to be able to tell a story though fashion. Fashion is a quick way of defining ourselves as people. For that reason, the world of fashion inspires me; it changes rapidly, and that is what makes me able to create new concepts and stories in my mind."

For Ivan, the types of photography with which he is most at ease are fashion photography, portrait photography and advertising. "I am very particular when I create my photography. I don´t measure the time or the effort, I look at the result, whatever that takes to produce, and there is nothing that makes me feel happier than to be able to create photographic images that previously I held in my mind, and to tell a story.

Ivan has had his work published in various prestigious magazines such as Vogue Italia, Hola magazine, CYC magazine, several publications in SWAROVSKI, and has also worked for large institutions and big brands such as El Conservatorio Del Lice, El Castillo de Perelada,and for the prestigious wine brand M.MITIC, located in Miami, USA. Ivan has photographed important and influential artists, public figures and musicians, such as Catherine Ordronneau (Pianist) and Kai Gleusteen (First Violinist), professors of the Liceo de Barcelona, and for fashion designers of the calibre of Gustavo Adolfo Tari who has designed clothing for Sakira, as well as for the brands of L'AVETIS NOVIAS and SARA NADAL.
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